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$whETH & $whFTT are now available as new collateral 🛡️

November 4, 2021

First post

GM! 👋

As we want to make our application as much user-friendly as possible, we are very pleased to introduce new collateral tokens:

  • $whETH
  • $whFTT

We believe that additional collateral tokens will help us in further diversification of collateral pools and will increase TVL.
We are going to set $whETH’s collateralization level at 60% and $whFTT’s one at 50%.
If you want to learn more about collateralization level check out our blog post

Wormhole is a communication bridge between Solana and other top DeFi networks, which allows fast transfer of any kind of information from one chain to another.
If you would like to know more about this protocol, check out their website and Twitter.

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