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New collateral ratio 📈

November 3, 2021

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GM! 👋
We decided to change the health factor and collateral ratio values for most of the tokens.

Now, these values are as follows:

  • Health factor 70% -> 80%

Collateral ratios:

  • $USDC 30% -> 80%
  • $renBTC 30% -> 70%
  • $SOL 30% -> 60%
  • $SNY 30%

What will change? 🤔
In short, you'll be able to mint more synthetic assets having the same amount of collateral. 🤑

How much exactly?
For example, consider you deposited 100$ in $USDC 💲 Collateral ratios example

Why we did that?
Three issues motivated us to make these changes:

  1. Differentiation of the collateral structure, as the vast majority own either $SNY or $SOL.
  2. Spreading synthetic assets to the external market.
  3. Utilize collateral more effectively.

We believe that the introduced changes will allow us to achieve the goals mentioned above and, first of all, will be well-received by you - our users.

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