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$mSOL is now available as new collateral

November 23, 2021

First post

GM! 👋

When we asked what collateral token we have to add next, you often suggested us $mSOL.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that from today you can use this token as a collateral in our application.
Your opinions are very important to us! ☺️

We are excited that we can cooperate with another young and future-oriented project from the Solana ecosystem, which, just like us, started at Hackathon 🔥

We are going to set $mSOL’s collateralization level at 50%.
If you want to learn more about collateralization level check out our blog post.

About $mSOL and Marinade
Marinade is a DAO that helps Solana to become the most decentralized, capital-efficient, and easy to work with. Its liquid staking product allows people to stake their SOL to over 400 well-performing validators, and at the same time unlocks staked SOL liquidity by receiving mSOL in return. They can further use mSOL in DeFi, or to swap back to SOL any time they want.

If you'd like to know more about Marinade, check out their twitter and website.

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