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How to earn #1: Long using borrowing 📈

January 12, 2022

How to long

In the first part of the series, in which we are going to introduce you to earn opportunities on our platform, we will focus on setting a long position using borrowing 📈


We recently announced a new feature in our app - borrowing.
This feature is a gamechanger 🔥
It not only allows a user to borrow synthetic tokens, but also enables them to short and long a single token! 📈📉

If you want to know more about borrowing check our blog post about it.

What is a long position

Long position means the holder of the position has the expectation that the synthetic asset will increase in value. This is also known as a bullish position. When you use Vaults in our app to long any tokens, you will also use leverage under the hood, therefore this method has more potential to pay off than just token hold 💰

How to long using borrowing

How to long, and how to do it with the leverage?
We have explained this in the graphic below.
In this example we long xSOL 📈 how to long example

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