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Synthetifty is a DAO from now

March 14, 2022

Bug bounty

GM! 👋

Another milestone has been achieved, we became a Decentralized Autonomous Organization! 🔥
From now on, users will have a greater influence on the app.

This post will explain how to participate in governance, create your own proposal and will also provide some other useful information.

What is DAO

DAO is an invention of the crypto industry, thanks to which, users can direct further development of a platform. For this purpose, they use tokens to create new proposals and vote on them. As a result, the project is not only decentralized, there is no influence from governments, banks and overall, it is not affected by any public regulations. Moreover, it is also independent of the founders (greetings "ex boss" - NB :)), meaning that the users have complete power over it. No decision can be made without their consent.

How to participate in the DAO

First you have to deposit SNY tokens (the governance token) After pressing Deposit, your entire SNY balance from the wallet, but at any time, you can withdraw it.

Bounty table


  1. Go to https://realms.today/dao/SNY
  2. Choose a proposal from the list
  3. Next you can cast your vote and add a comment to the discussion.

That’s it, you’ve just voted in the governance.
Your tokens are in the governance system for now. You can withdraw them, but if you withdraw them before the end of the vote, your vote will be withdrawn. After voting, you can withdraw your tokens without affecting your vote.

Bounty table

Creating proposal

If you have at least 50.000 SNY token, you will be able to create your own proposal.

To do it:

  1. You have to name and describe your proposal
  2. After that you will be able to set instructions, for example mint tokens at a chosen address

Bounty table

Some useful data

  • Max voting time: 7 days
  • Vote threshold: 200.000 SNY
  • Min tokens to create a proposal: 50.000 SNY
  • Min tokens to participate in voting: 1 - everyone can vote

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