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Synthetify Bug Bounty Program

October 29, 2021

Bug bounty

GM! 👋

Constant improving and upgrading our project means that risk of code-security flaws rises, despite the fact it was audited by the Kudelski Security auditors company.
As we want to appreciate our community members who help us in seeking these weaknesses, we would like to announce a Bug Bounty program 🛡️
We believe that the analytical view of independent researchers allows us to provide users with even better applications.

To report a bug, contact us via email: contact@synthetify.io 📬
Please notify us promptly before disclosing the vulnerability to the outside world, so that we can take the necessary measures. Practice responsible disclosure.

Bug Bounty Program concerns only bugs in smart contracts!

We'd like to ask you to not use any other form of communication to report bugs as this makes it much harder to track pending tickets.

Rewards are distributed according to bugs classification with the scale from LOW to CRITICAL. Our reward brackets are (in US Dollars): Bounty table

Actual prize size is determined based on a combination of different factors including, but not limited to, severity, value at risk, and likelihood of being exploited.
Our technical team will continuously monitor your reports, prioritizing those that have a greater impact on the safety of the application.
Critical and High bug reports must come with a proof of concept.
After we check submission we'll respond to the researchers and inform them of their eligibility and reward.

We strongly believe in "Don't trust, verify", therefore we would like to thank to everyone who will get involved in our bug bounty program to ensure growth and security for Synthetity applications.

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